Sunday, March 11, 2012

ROAD TO KUSA 2012/2013...Ms TRINA BWIRE: Analysts' Views

She is beautiful, easy to go with, Hardworking, social and above all God fearing. She is one person who can put All energy to what she believes in, She doesnt give up so easily and a faithful servant of GOD. Thats why when she started sensisitizing friends and foes about her intentions, i was almost double sure she was not mincing with her words. It will not be her first time to Gunner for the popular KUSA congress. if anything she is the outgoing KUCU rep in the congress and the first woman to achieve such a fate in the history of KUCU. I have personally interacted with her and know exactly where she is a star and where she is dumb. Here is What Kampus monie think about TRINA's Bid for KUSA Presidency.


She is energetic, hardworking, God fearing and astute. In the past she demonstrated her strength in making what she beleives work, She has always been social with friends-no matter there presumed status-. 
In this era of sexuality and women empowerment, seductive capital has stood out as one of the biggest asset that beautiful women hold. Though she is as decent as mary mother of jesus, its with no doubt that her God given beauty will go on along way in working to her favour


During the AMINA drive that was spearheaded by KUSA, Trina hit me as someone who can not get to convince people about things. It struck me as odd that she lacked the wise sayings and quotings that makes leaders indispensable. The drive was a failure were it not for an articlle written on daily nation by one NYAMBEGA GISESA.
Trina has also struck me as forceful on some instances on a number of instances and not a principled leader.


her ability to convince multitudes of people
Cut her own style of leadership.

comment,bash,support or criticize us/Trina.

DISCLAIMER: the views expressed hear are not personal for Kampus monie

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