Monday, March 5, 2012

LUO and KIKUYU:Why The hate-love relationship.....

  Its no use contesting that the two sets of Kenyans have shared great history since time immemorial. Tirades of  speeches have been made by proclaimed lords of this communities but one thing for sure, the peasants views have never been given audience. Folks of both the regions believes each other are enemy and always seems to voice there projected stereotypes about the other. One thinks the other  cannot be trusted, money hungry and envious. The other cant be convinced otherwise from the belief that his opposite is Shallow minded, ego driven and priority misplaced.
 However, A chat with some of the ordinary kenyans from this communities revealed otherwise. Charles Owuor is a Graduate of Kenyatta university, He was brought up in The rural bondo area, Schooled there and is even working at a rural secondary school in the area. however his little exposure with members of Kikuyu community has helped him kill the octogenarian stereo type that he has grown to accept. he now views Kikuyu community as friends and has already made several friends from there. A few days later i met Irene Karuga who spoke pleasing words of her luo friends since she was in first year. She narrated to me how she had been warned not to engaged with 'aliens' while she was joining first year.
    Looking back our National history, there is a lot to  be learned about how this communities have related and even what went went wrong. Its with great convictions that i think the two communities have great potential if the innate qualities of both its people can be harnessed. Combined with talents and strength from other tribes, i believe we can achieve the Kenya we want.

that's why i fully support the Changes Associates initiatives.

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