Monday, February 13, 2012

Drunk Girl Stuns Nyayo 2 with her demands for...........

It was a night lyk no other for residents of Nyayo 2-male wing, on  11/12- feb-2012. This was after a blonde Girl who was crazily high from either alcohol or God-knows-what, staged a Media stunt that left us all running for our safety.
Teens from party
An eye-witness account confirmed that the girl, who seemed well-mannered, judging from what she wore- claimed to have been with two guyz who were now denying him. 
Many of us were woken up by her ear blasting wails, to find her clinging on one of the two guyz. A wave of laughter ensued when the Lady spat on one dude and demanded for-*unpublishable* to the joy of many.

She was however rescued by KU security personnel and immediately taken to the health unit for a medical check up.

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