Monday, January 30, 2012

Why ladies Fantasize!!!

Ok,so ive been in deep thought for a while,maybe even sad.Nothing personal I must tell you. But as a lady we get mad over silly things like losing strands off our Brazilian hair,not being able to take the right picture to upload on face book, seeing another lady with a better booty or taking in the fact that Heidi Klum and Seal are on the verge of divorce.
  But why do we worry about such things? Things which might seem ridiculous to a man? That’s because ladies have been created to build a real world around fantasies
WE believe if Willsmith and Jada can stay together for 12 years without any scandal, then we should be able to do same with our boyfriend or husband. If David Beckham can buy Victoria a $250,000 Hermes bag, then our boyfriend or husband should do same even though he aint seen 20k in three months. If Jayz and Beyonce could last for 5 years and end up in marriage, then we should. If my best friend’s boyfriend takes her on a shopping trip abroad, why shouldn’t mine do the same?

Well, it takes a very lucky and disciplined lady to draw the lines between fantasy and reality.Though very hard,we should learn to draw the line between what we want and what should be. These romance fantasy novels aint real. The knight in shining amour who is rich, romantic, caring, faithful, gentle, giving ,hardly exists.It takes a lot of work to get there. Your friend might be going on shopping trips abroad courtesy of her boyfriend, husband or fiancĂ©e, what she doesn’t tell you is the sacrifices she made to get there. Yes, some ladies are very lucky they just meet the perfect man for them, but how many of us are actually that lucky.
 Ive never been a lucky girl, ive always been a girl who sacrifices and works for someone else to reap. Has that stopped me from trying? No. it has only made my resolve to work harder even stronger.
That’s why some times, I make choices which amaze and puzzle people, because I don’t follow the crowd, I follow myself. I don’t believe in fantasies, I believe in myself. Yea,I might have paid some pretty steep prices for that but in the long run, its always worth it.i DON’T BELIEVE IN HAPPILY  EVER AFTER, I’m not the girl who meets a man today and lands on a plane to Dubai the next day. I’m the lady who meets a man today and ends up in his mother’s house the next week.(dont ask me what happens
I know a friend who would laugh at that last statement, yea I’m not the girl to end up in a range rover sport but in the real world,real girls dont get all the flashy things,they gain respect,the earn good men(sometimes),they are those who inspire others,and just like teachers,their rewards are always in heaven.
But a real man is one who knows that sometimes,a real lady craves for that one minute of fantasy,she craves to be spoilt rotten(not literally). 
fantasy varies
So,here i am,sitting on my real bed,writing about real stuff,yet thinking of of getting that fake Peruvian hair.coz its much better than
it dont mean im fake,it just means i'm a real girl,coz all  girls fantasize once in a while(the difference is,real women know when to draw the line)..

ok yawning..while glancing at a mag filled with $1000 Christain Louboutins shoes..hmmn love this(a lady can fantasize right?)lol

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