Monday, January 30, 2012

Spotted: VC Prof. Mugenda on Campaign Trails.

 KU, Nairobi
VC with Miss and Mr KU 2010
The last two weeks have been a busy for the KU administration especially those concerned with the academic aspects. on Friday 20th January 2011, the DVC academic,KU had a scheduled meeting with all Second year students from 2pm. Until later on, it was not immediately clear what the agendas of the meeting were. But inner source especially those who attended a similar meeting for 1st years MAY-group, confirmed to us it was something to do with Minors and Majors. During the meeting that had  brought to a halt all afternoon classes for the affected group, it emerged that the DVC and his flankers were there to lobby for the ambitious plan of Majors-Minors. The plan brought up by revolutionary professor Mugenda, is targeting 1and 2nd years students. its said to be the in-thing in the world of higher learning. At a past(KUCU last year) event prof Mugenda explained that the project is aimed at giving KU students a competitive edge in the market field. 

Details on school fees and other procedures will follow later

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