Monday, January 16, 2012

MAENDELEO YA WANAUME: Behind every battered Man, there is NDIRITU NJOKA.

 AS its profile picture on social site Facebook, it presents a battered image of Jesus Christ on his way to Golgotha with Jews young men and autocrats chanting crazy statements all over. Its clarion, "

Wanaume,Amkeni.It,s your turn to present your grievances", echoes what Kenyan men and the world at large are going through in the hands of their empowered wives and women surrounding them. 
The proverbial " behind every successful man there is a beautiful woman" has lost its meaning or maybe totally reversed.
Its no longer business as usual in the lives of this men and the very thought of facing there damn wives makes there face frown. They have dranked themselves to early graves, Boy child has been turned the bullet stopper, successful citizens have denied male graduands jobs and its even harder for a man to get a house to rent.
Maendeleo ya Wanaume Chairman Ndiritu Njoka(left) and other officials          

 When a bunch of fat women meets its called a chama but when five men stands to analyze a football match, they are labelled all names Satan wont smile being called.

Now, behind every battered man there is NDIRITU NJOKA to offer a crying shoulder. He is man who seems to be concerned with our affairs. 
WE unanimously agree that he is our president come what come may.

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