Monday, January 30, 2012

Beyonce's Massive Statue: To be erected in her home town

Well, If you got amazed by the statue of King Theirry Henry being erected at the emirates stadium, then you are in for another even bigger shock. Before you swallow the just Concluded and much publicized birth of her daughter, Beyonce is again here to break our surprises meter. The fact that the damn media seemed to doubt her pregnancy isn't holding her back and if you dont!
all the single ladies gig
....The City of houston has given the green lights for the erection of A massive statue in honour of the celebrated song bird.
They didn't lie when they said Beautiful people lives a happy life. This might be the same tale that seems to be accompanying the beatiful art work of God in the name of beyonce even to her home Town. 
Apart From being admired world across gender not withstanding, Having a husband whose lifestyle is studied at universty level and giving birth to a pretty doll, Beyonce knowles seems to be in for even bigger thing.
how the statue will look like: shot in Australia
Kampus monie wish you well DIVA!!!

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