Saturday, January 21, 2012

ALSHABAAB Suspect Nabbed Taking Photos of KENYATTA university, MAIN GATE.

Mombasa, Kenya

Anti-terror police are holding a man caught taking photos of Various Government institutions among them KENYATTA UNIVERSITY MAIN GATE,  Mombasa campus.
main gate, main campus

Other institutions that -police who confiscated his camera discovered he had photographed are  the district commissioners' office, CENTRAL BANK,Bank of India and standard chartered bank among others.
KU main gate, Main Campus.

the man was arrested by police office stationed at the central banlk, mombasa and later handed over to the anti terror unit. 

At the same time, two dutch citizens are being held after being caught taking photos of the military bases in Nairobi while at least seven foreigners have been caught trying to enter the lawless state of Somalia.

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