Monday, January 16, 2012

About Re-takes.........and KU dismissing them

You must have come across this phrase through your walk of life.  Like all and sundry it definitely hit you on different scales. maybe you had another skewed understanding of the meaning from the majority or perhaps your thoughts aligned with those of others.

Well, whatever your understanding, it seems Madam Mugenda's administration is keen to make its student work more easier... 

Though reportedly, Kampus monie! ! ! is made understand that re-takes are the latest thing to been seen off from KU's list of things.  Rumour-has-it that with the implementation of the double intake, the high number of module II students and the rising cost of life-as a result of inflation-, university tutors are increasingly seeing the need to dispense the RE-takes for something less involving.

Suggestions are ranging, but the one that have been more visible was that of supplementary exams in place of retakes.

we will wait to see what is the senate final decision, but one thing for sure, this may be the coolest news for the comrades.

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