Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prejudice on KIKUYU CHICKS in Kenyan Varsities?!

 I was not amused an inch by the allegations but they sent me into a think tank foray. all the same, i choose to shelf my irritation and forced a fake smile to encourage the eloquent orator continue with his oration. 

The guy seemed well versed and so confident with his claims that for once i got convinced. he seemed well accustomed with beautiful queens from the slopes of mount Kenya, that i couldn't help dissent. 

his allegations as he claimed were based on facts and he even challenged me to give him a chance to prove his assertions. I couldn't help but agree, well assured in my heart that all his provinf facts were insinuation. i reasoned that his claims were residues of his biased sub-conscious.

but when he began to count incidents, i muted immediately. he Reminded me of one of our mutual friends who used her grandfathers name in place of her second(kikuyu) name, he told of a girl who lied to be a marakwet yet she only had kikuyu girlfriends and also echoed of our friend who was fond of calling herself moraa wairimu.

i was even more convinced when i remembered a friend who told me she hated her Kikuyu name(waithera- name changed), and another who masqueraded as a illiterate in kikuyu language, yet she had spent most of her life in muranga. but when he gave me reasons as to why this girls do this, he left me half fainted.

"most men from other tribes fear kikuyu women".............................Why? 

thats the question i am still asking myself

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rk nyra said...

frankly put...
its only predictable that men will try to verbally and sometimes physically downplay and diminish what intimidates them.