Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lilian Muli is Back,But Her New Show is Cold

Lilian Muli Kanene
Do TV stations have some magic with which they use to make their presenters and TV host shine and be radiant like real stars in the sky? This is one question that has occupied my mind since TV stations in Kenya perfected the game of poaching of TV hosts and news anchors.
The many TV stars who have reached the near-idol status in their respective TV stations and who have come to be adored by their viewers have failed to carry with them the same glamour they had when they switch their stations of work.
For example, Louis Otieno was just adorable and too good while he was at KTN.He had a mass following which made him quite attractive to Citizen proprietors who couldn't resist the temptation to bring him into their stable to help bring in more viewers that would expand their viewer base given that they were still new .However, the near magic grip that Louis had while at KTN died.The spark that he had went away and his talk show became a one boring affair.
queen of weekend prime news
The same thing has happened again with Lilian Muli who has been one of the hot sensational KTN Prime news anchor.She was hot and this had the effect of making the male viewers getting attracted and glued to the channel alongside other factors such as her wit and ability to read news in a sweet catching way.Her departure from KTN broke the heart of many viewers and when everybody heard that she was going live at Citizen TV,we got relieved that at least she is still around.Her joining Citizen news anchor stable was accompanied by hot adverts that only created tension and much anxiety as we anticipated her come back which I only imagined in terms of Jesus' grand entry in Jerusalem.I thought it was good thing for Citizen which I thought had busied itself with very petty news items and bad political news posture.
However, her new Citizen Weekend News show has since failed to meet my expectations and satisfy the big appetite created in me by the adverts that had preceded her entry at Citizen TV.The show is cold and lacks the light and spark it ought to have.It seems the program has not been well tuned but perhaps like all other Citizen programs, it will get better with time. 
To give credit where it is due,I must admit that her special news feature on the women prisoners,that is,Lock Down:Women Behind Bars Promo, is genius.The story of the women prisoners was quite touching and I so much appreciated the fact that Lilian had thought of something that nobody else had thought of doing before.I know that starting from yesterday,KTN has started an almost similar promo,the Case Files,but Muli has all the credit of being the pioneer.Muli's promo made me rethink the value of my freedom in the light of many things I could do and the in depth nature of dreams I could have simply by virtue of being free.It is had to imagine somebody spending her youth in prison for an offense she is remorseful about  while watching her dreams grow mould because she is behind bars.I had hardly taken notice of women prisoners and watching  them as they told their stories made me value them even more.How I wish life would be easier on the women to avoid putting them in the way of crime as a possible way of escape from their troubles.After watching the last episode of the promo i went to bed wishing that it would be like be the pillow I had with that I could cling on to tightly without letting go.
Lilian Muli has made proud and I just hope her news show at Citizen grows and becomes better and netter.

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