Friday, November 4, 2011

How i met Towering CHARLES NYACHAE!

He is the chairman of Constitution implementation committee of Kenya(CIC).His height can no doubt  make a Ukranian guy-rumoured to be the tallest- scream a "wow", His charisma is unquestioned and his Humour is unrivalled.
Walking on the "red carpet" laid down for him on your way to SZ39(a hall in kenyatta university), My company,a female friend, couldn't help exclaim how handsome he was.

He seemed to telepathically know he was the "constitutional bill" we were dissecting and flashed a kind smile to us revealing a well kempt short boxed cum goatie beard that enclosed those snow white teeths you're not likely to find anywhere in central province.

We regretted that the two hours we over by  four oclock but quickly run out helter skelter with my female friend to atleast catch a last glimpse of the "handsome fellow".

"Sometimes it takes a very short time to be a celebrity figure in our society", i thought on seeing how throngs of students were struggling to shake Nyachae's hand. Never mind he wasn't even known by many politicians,let alone ministers, before his appointment. I laughed at realizing how apart they are,in terms of resemblance, with his reportedly father-SIMON NYACHAE-(this information is subject to confirmation),who was surely not blessed vertically.
  I affirmed he was a real celeb here when my female friend came up with the crazy idea of requesting for his autograph. how could we request for nyachae's autograph yet he is only a Legalist(if such a term exist) not a soccer or hip hop star?!, i wondered aloud. My friend ignored me and pushed forward into the crowd.Holding a phamplet up high to get Nyachae's attention,i couldn't help giving in to cyniscm,dismissing her efforts as null and avoid.

I retreated back, assured I have something to tease her once she is through with her "meet celeb struggles", and concentrated myself in looking and analyzing other admirers of nyachae around me.You know men can never mutitask, so i switched my mind off the other incidents only to be cruelly brought back, when i heard my female friend chatting excitingly and on a high tone.

Ooh! i couldn't believe my de two eyes ooh... My friend was there listening to something from nyachae-what to me looked like lorries of compliments. I instantly hated my ego but applying hyena's rule no.7, i consoled my self with the hope that she will introduce me as her special one once i made my way through the crowd.
    But only a few pushes away from them, he retrieved what looked like an "affluent pen"(ofcourse not bic/beifa) from his breast pocket, gave it to her and then signed an autograph on the girl's phamplet. he then shifted his attention to other students.
Pushing even harder,I raised my hand to attract his attention in vain. Instead, my friend thought she was my concern and come over to where i was. She hugged my obviously excited, holding the "affluent pen" with so that i can see it and narrated how nyachae complimented her for being an agressive lady. 
It was a case of the hunter being hunted, when she narrated to Nyachae how i haboured, ambitions of being the chair of CIC, year 2030. Nyachae laughed his ribs off but was kind enough to explain  that my ambitions were miguided since by 2030, the consitution would have been fully implemented and thus such a post will be non-existent. He however gave consolation in form of the "affluent pen" and told my lady friend he would have really liked to meet me.

Nowadays, when i sit down to write an article such as this one with "my affluent pen", i always feel the wisdom and humour of Mr nyachae flowing in my nerves. i experience his presence and even remember the warmth of his hand, through the handshake tha was communicated through my good female friend.

Thats how i met Sir. Charles Nyachae!

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Jimmy Mtoi said...

Nice prose, a few typos here and there notwithstanding