Monday, October 31, 2011


         Celebrated spoken word hero and poet James warugongo wamaathai has no heart for student's organized events. This was apparent two weeks ago when-without explanation-he dissed the launching of maiden KU  Spoken word edition.
     According to Organizers,KU students journalism club, they had invited him(as the father of spoken word in kenya), Smitta(another talented poet and vodka connoesuier), Sitawa Wafula, Jeremy levinger(a briton poet and rapper), Number 8(a gospel spoken word artist) and a host a local poets who never dissapointed.
   On the fateful day they had planned to stage the event(11,oct,2011), they couldn't secure a venue and thus pushed the event to 14th and communicated this to all guests. but two days Prior to the event Wamaathai ignored all there calls and made little effort to reply there numerous text messages.
    Atleast Smitta and Sitawa wafula apologized but Wamaathai never bothered the incovinience and bad publicity the club suffered.Never mind posters were all over KU and its Nairobi campuses.
   However, the event was fairly attended and Number 8,Maria, Jeremy Levinger, Pudo and a host of other artist kept the crow well entertained. we hope the father of spoken word will be kind enough to offer atleast a simple apology.

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Anonymous said...

1. i know James Wamathai personally. 2. My name and his were included in the posters with no communication prior or up to the event! Whoever planned this event should stand up and answer to the KU fraternity about their own so called "organizational skills".... Jemedari