Tuesday, October 4, 2011

THE LETTER OF HOPE:when giving up is not an option

The storm shall abate and you shall shine again.Save the rest of your tears for the better days ahead.It is not far unless your faith is faint.
You have a great destiny!That is why you are still breathing in and out.I wonder how these little hiccups can pull you off track.
Failing exam can not end your dream career.Being dumped can not end your love.A fall can not end your... salvation.
You are special.You have no copy.People did not see you trip,fall and bleed.But all eyes are on you as you arise back to your feet.For the sake of your dignity,please attract admiration more than sympathy.
You are lovable because you were created by God not made in China.If someone walks away,it is because you are too beautiful for that person to contain.If someone keeps knocking,it is because you are too beautiful to be ignored.Behind every harmful act directed to you,there is a blessing in disguise for you to unwrap.
As long as you are alive,you can sew new fabric and tear rags off your life.Shrug off dust,dry your eyes and move on.
Do not dwell on what happened-it is past.Move on!
I love you.I want you to reclaim your happiness.I want to see you smile.Eat your joy with a spade but nibble your sorrow with toothpick and forever you shall bask in hope.
You were beautiful before make-ups came.You were bright before the exam came.You were saved before 'it' occured.How can a single incident rob your vision?
I love you.I need to see the real you breaking out of that cocoon of despair.Do it for God and you will arise and shine.
Friend for life,

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