Monday, October 31, 2011

Christiano Ronaldo forwards X-rated pics from a fan to everyone on his address book including his fiancee

Looks like its a yellow card for this football star as he accidentally forwarded racy pics a fan sent to him to all his email contacts.

The pics were from a Dutch fan who told him she wanted to be with him.He has been reportedly bombarded with calls from his contacts as they didn't really understand why he forwarded the pics to them.

I guess he wouldn't have cared if he didn't also forward them to his supermodel fiancée's email address too.Sources say he is embarrassed by the whole thing and has had to explain to his to his fiancée Irina who hasn't confronted him yet".

The pair who have been dating since April last year are due to get married in July next year after the Euro 2012 cup.

Beautiful couple!!!! 
Courtesy of emeh Achanga of Nigeria

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