Friday, October 28, 2011

Before you go for a Fresha!

Tell you what! Leaving with a “a senior student “when you’re in your second year of study is daunting task. I had just entered into my room (from five hours lectures) when a spotted an unlikely element, right on my bed. Ignoring it, I rolled my eyes to my roommate and cursed myself for being away till that late, unable to believe he had fallen sick while I was away. My roommate was quiescent in manner that suggested his stomach had got the better part of him.
My immediate thought was to halla the health unit for an ambulance but shoved off the idea and decided to try pain killers first. On my first step nilikuwa nje(outside), but a cough from inside paralyzed me!
Had I not heard the fellow in d’un moteur(snoring), I would have dismissed it as side effects of whatever was ailing him. I had also mastered his voice/accent and the voice in question lacked even a single trace of masculinity.
I stopped on my track!, Legs almost giving in, and held  hand on my mouth agape! It was long since I set my eyes on someone on her natural attire and the “unlikely element” did little to streamline my thoughts. I was about to say something when she blurred my mind off with her wail. I couldn’t understand the reason, turning almost confused, and having no desire that the snoring fellow sees me, I slowly closed the door behind me walked away.
Trying to recollect the incident later on, I couldn’t comprehend any reason for the cheeky girl to wail yet it seemed all right that she had given consent. “Was it because she realized they were not compatible with my friend?”, “Or maybe it was something she had not anticipated and all the subsequent results were emotional and lust driven?”.
So next time you decide to go for a fresha to help you push through the 100 days, just consider this issues. lest you end up cleaning your sheets off a jerrican of tears from you fresha girlfie.
·         Are you have fun with an immature fellow?
·         Is you goal to kill someone’s conscience in the name of having fun?
·         Are you ready to destroy someone social life because of your selfishness?
·         Picture you giving zero commitment and the other party 100%.
·         Are you compatible?
There definitely a million reasons why senior students find first years a better option, but its important to think twice.

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