Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where Rumours Works Wonders.....

I have been working,studying and learning with fellows who don't understand the real art of rumour. people who misuse this great invention and go on to convey other messages or even mistake this glamorous art with some other contorted vices. They take a negatively holistic view towards the whole thing. they are always quick to denounce it as a community curse and many foolish people engage in senseless physical banter just because of this noble thing.

But have you ever posed for a fraction of second and think what rumour really is. some call it Gossip, muchene e.t.c, but whatever the name it is worth channeling our interest as to what role rumours play in our day to day lives. Before you go through this whole article channel your mind to what you consider as rumours and what you view as holistic truth. Think of what makes up the daily information we get from TVs,Radios,newspaper, internet and even from our social chats. Even if this channels always carry with them some sought of evidence, do we really bother to know how they came to know about this information and its existence.

 Over my course study on journalism, i have been observant enough to analyse that many stuffs of respected journalism practice, i.e correct convergence of information, is much more what people dismiss as rumours. Constructive journalism, which in my Opinion is keeping on the toe Socio-political, cultural and political arms of public and private corporations, is what conservatives dismiss on a local level as rumours. I dont think any minister smiles when a scandal is revealed at his/her ministry and is always quick to dismiss it as verbatim rumours.
     Campuserians  too have their own way of cursing some information as rumours and not giving it a second thought. You will hears girls chatting that one of there friend's boyfriend is know a double simcard but she dismisses-to her own peril-as gossip of the highest order.
   i am not urging you to consider everything that falls into your ears as religious truth but next time you pump into something, Just remember it might be the thing you need to work out that nagging problem

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