Friday, September 23, 2011

Survival Tips for Freshmen in KU.(PART 1)

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I believe by now you're begin to feel how it is to be in campus. Is it an Awful or cool experience for you? Are you enjoying every moment? Have made new friends? Or perhaps you’re disturbed over your ochaz girlie fie? Well, Just “weka shida chini”, freshen your mind and prepare to go through this, so humourously written but very important and serious article. It might just be everything you need to reach the race touch line and put behind your back the four-six years ahead of you.
        It’s just so simple, but carries an unfair demand for sober mind, hard-but-humane heart and a fighting spirit that continues to urge you to fight on, even with strays of bullets on your chest. Yah, it can get that tough as years go by but you have no reason to whine before the journey starts, before the ball rolls off.
        Its no time to regret dear friend. I believe some of you have gone through a hell they never expected on their first day in campus. Were you told there is a course known as sexiology offered here? Maybe you lost your virginity..(Understatement...Dignity) to that 2nd year dude/chick from your estate/ochaz?. Get it from me then there is no such a degree in the university catalogue. Likewise there no lectures that take place in student/lecturers or hotel rooms. We have a rule here known as 10 to 10 that is supposed to protect you. Am just guessing that the next thing you plan to do is to report the matter to the authority. If it’s the case, be advised then that this will gain you nothing. The most logical thing is you learn the hard way and move on with life. You’re even lucky you didn’t have HELB loan for God knows what would have happened.
        I can bet my last coin there guys among you who are finding it hard to spend the whole day here, no lectures and you’re yet to make friends. The few who has the means, mostly are finding solace in numerous trips to town. BUT HOLD ON for a moment and read this! There is somewhere inside KU where many senior students are waiting to share their time with you. To chat, play and even do other sort of things that you will definitely enjoy.
        Today, find time and walk your way to SZ39 at around 7.00 pm. You will find them there under the umbrella of Kenyatta university Christian union(KUCU). They’ll be ready to answer anything that you will need to know.
        Let me remind you early enough that lectures are the most important thing as far as KU is concerned. Truancy is the worst form of indiscipline and will only prompt you to cheat in exams. Cheating in exams attracts expulsion from campus and you will not be given a chance to explain yourself...........

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Emeh Achanga said...

wow!very educating blog.ur also a very good writer.Thumbs up..pls can you send your link so I can add you up?thanks

Manyuirah said...

thanks sana(very much in swahili) dear...looking forward to your visits more often