Friday, September 23, 2011

Nguruma Ibambe na Fresha!


Don't be mistaken to think the safaricom competition has been Re-introduced again. La hasha! This is the newest trend in KU streets and hostels at the moment. It is said to be  the "in-thing" for continuing student particularly sophomores, who have found a reason-for their first time-to remain in campus for a whole uninterrupted one week.
     If you do not know, KU has admitted its second batch of freshmen for the academic year 2011/2012. And unlike the yesteryears there so many, you may be forgiven to think the Campus is sole-polling station in our country.
    From Nyayo to Ngong, Eastern to westerm, Cassandra to Ole moiyoi, you can easily spot them walking all around with their most prized possession, a file folder bearing KU's name and logo-at the moment of course- on their hands.
  Their faces just tell you they are excited to join campus and with no doubt, they are relishing every minute. There whole day is spent walking all around,mesmerized by what is supposed to be their home for the next four, others five and six years.
  But once the night knocks, faces turns gloomy for those who didn't get a room, and skin jitters for those who promised their ochaz dudes of yesteryears, they'll be visiting them for a movie night.
   Among the senior students, there has grown such terms as "pirate"- looking for a room when your roommate is hosting a fresha, "EXILE" kosaring somewhere to sleep because of the same demise. A classmate of mine confessed to me that he pirated yesterday, while the young lady, possibly a virgin, was taken to experiment on the sexology practicals, that the guy claimed had laboratories in his room. Pity on her but whatever the case don't dismiss her as dumb.

   The "business" is not however boom for the feminine folk of yesteryears. Due to the double intake, the freshas didn't get the always important but less useless HELB loan, explaining why the boyz are finding everything boring. We sincerely hope there will be no casualities.

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