Thursday, September 29, 2011


I appeal to the mind that is directing this hand to write.As the pen bruises my surface with venomous or delicious ink,do you really mind the effect of mailing me?
When you send me to your soul mate,you decorate me with flatter that disgusts my purpose.You choke me with romantic lies,not from your heart,but stolen from gallery.I ache when the poor,gullible receiver kisses me and slips me in a special safe.I dare you to face that sweetheart and utter the exact words you wrote on me.Coward!
My dear writer,why can not you address me to God?Do it.Obviously you can not because He knows your corrupt mind.Frankly why can not you put on me the exact words from your mind if not heart?Why use me to fool a person you love most on earth?
Then,why can not you write me to your parents,to appreciate their great work to produce a wonderful thinker like you?Your lame excuse is their ageing eyes are dim.But someone can read it to them.You say phone is better because they hear your voice.You are MEAN,I repeat it,MEAN!
I need an elaborate apology.How could you send me to your EX when I am stinking with horrible words?You ruthlessly scribbled indigestible phrases until I was as guilty as sin.You turned me into a doomed species.
The person broke down and wept.I was shredded and burnt into ashes.While my fate was being sealed,you were romancing with your next.It is you who should have been shredded and burnt into ashes.Coward!Cheater!Beast!
I know you may gag me before I expose your uglier sins.You claim that this is techno era but you have to bite the bitter truth.You betrayed,killed and buried my purity in order to lavish in your contamination.Goodluck.
Your lost mouth,
The Letter

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