Sunday, September 25, 2011

KU Chicks Keep there "Boys"


KU is where affirmative action is done at its best.Here, many roles have been exchanged, others given away and many grabbed  up by the "beautiful" hotly dressed chicks, you see walking around. Life is nowadays a lot of fun and the more you get older the more crucially your presence is needed. In fact many dudes out there who have had this are now preferring to Diss other previously fancied Campuses in favour of KU.

You may call this, desperateness, loneliness, having alot with nowhere to to channel them  but its nothing of the above.Though they haven't admit it, rumours around calls it the new swagger that KU chicks have adopted.There are many catalyst ofcourse of this new swagger but the major one has to do with the Tsunami influx of Female undergraduates in this corner of Nairobi. 
All around, you won't fail to notice a gang of poshy ladies staging exaggerated laughs for no obvious reasons and dilly dallying. Mess(eating house) is nowadays there HUB to demonstrate there aggressiveness. There are so bold you might quit the meal queue if you're light hearted.
But what has caught many by surprise is the way men are treated. Take a ride to town with a Lady friend-Say for example to HELB offices-, and you wont pay a penny for all and sundry. When she snubs A lunch offer to Mess and insist on MUGUMO, do not fright for she will cater for everything. Do not mind accompanying her to Ramogi nite, mulembe night, mugithii and so on for she has enough cash for all that and also for taxi back home.Even when she invites you to her room, say its by God's grace for you will be treated like a king, you will even forget the misinformed stereotype, "ones mother is the best cook"

A number of pals have confessed that there girlfriends are the ones who support them for the 100days and luxury trips in-between. some even feel they could have called off the semester were it not for there girls. Call it absurd but thats how life is here. Infact many has gone as far as living together. The ladies who are into it, told our solicitor they are enjoying every minute of being in it. they don't mind providing,cooking and getting Laid while the dude is attending lectures.
Many theories and hypothesis has been formulated as to the cause of this change of character. but no one seem to be getting 100% right. Some feels they(ladies) have a lot of money for excesses judging from the numerous relationships they carry with working men and politicians. Others think Man has become a rare species here and the wise girls have to do what it take to retain it. Call a spade a spade, for some(the bigger percentage) believe this ladies need someone to entertain them by there disposal.They also feel the influx of female Freshas have snatched them the usual attention they enjoy.And thus need arise to employ other measures to regain it.

Well we wish you well as you join family


Silas Gatobu said...

True thou, funny. Men are in real trouble they shouldn't enjoy at all.

Manyuirah said...

hahaha..nothin to smile about- in the words of the heritage family. appreciated xana:-)