Sunday, August 14, 2011

PAPA,TUONGEE:(written by solomon barasa)

Hi Papa,
Please do not share this letter with anyone including mama.That is why I pushed it in under the toilet door when you got in to do your business.So far this is the only spot on earth I am absolutely sure you are alone.
Papa,this letter is business unusual.Not politics.Not EPL.Not even my academic whatever.It is more personal.
Papa,you have never given me a fatherly hug.When you found me crying,instead of consoling me,you order me to shut up and be a man.You hardly give me a chance to express myself.That is why I avoid you like a plague.
I do not hate you.I just dread encountering or rather crossing your path.Thus you are a relevant person who knows the least about me.Again you shall be the last person to know any sensitive change in my private life.
You erred.When I need love you direct me to mum.When I look depressed you invite the pastor.When I need fun you send me to aunt.You only come in when I need a whip or lecture.Papa,I almost hated you but anyway,I still need you essentially in other fields.
Papa,I desire to feel comfortable in your presence.Please stop delegating duties because I need to feel you especially in current situation.
Papa,how can I tell you that I am pursuing this item or that person?Whose shoulder do I weep upon when things fall apart?
Papa,can you steal a moment from your busy schedule and talk to me?Can you for once humble down to heed exactly what pains my heart?I need to offload fear and guilt from my heart in exchange of your love and mercy.I need to give you a peek into struggles in my private life.
Papa,I desire to cherish every moment I spend at home with you.I want to really feel fatherly love I have been missing from you.
I will be waiting for a sign from you.Please flush this letter down the closet.
If I get a faintest of a leakage from this letter to any other person,or you react inappropriately,of course I will forgive you but I will NEVER EVER confide to you anything beyond what is obvious to everyone.My trust in you is at stake.
Your Prodigal Son,

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