Sunday, August 14, 2011



I've not considered explainin my character to you really an issue.Even now i know i am not obliged to do so. but for the sake of the 4 years we have struggled together, i owe you this one, if at all it will salvage the flower.

Wifey, this is not a confession of anything,or a request for redemption, its one of the few moments that i am prepared to pour my heart out. For now i don't care whether you'll nature my feelings or toil with them. All i want you to do is read this letter carefully independent of your feelings. It's also advisable that you invite a close friend for you'lll definately need a shoulder to lean on and someone to wipe your tears.

You see, your hubby is not the usual-self all girls would envy. He is not mean, rude or proud but just a simple fellow who is too cowish to take risks and experiment. Your man is not the kind to drive you nuts with his romance. He is unlikely to request a grayting or lap dance during a night out. He is also never to demand a sashay catwalk like walk in the streets. Your man is in the tribe that doesn't mind a boxum for a wife. infacts he hates diet. I know during your girlfriends chat-at a xofee motel maybe-, they drive you to the wall with expectation. You wonder why i don't carry wine to the bedroom, why i don't help in kitchen's chores and even why i refuse to take a shower with you.

All this things i also have a heart for them darling. But pity on me i am not designed for them,I just don't have the conscience to indulge in such endevours. i am too a conservative for such risky ventures. To me, life is all a path that needs tortoise speed. I wouldn't mind i date once a month, but cofee and some little offal will do the trick. It's okay to stare into each others eyes, but that could be reserved for 14/2. lest my weak eyes would catch some incurable infections.

You're angry that i have to many women for friends but thats not a course to worry you. This is just an innate tendency necessitated by my social upbringing. Well, you know very well that i was brought up a single mom. Needless to say i only had sisters and mom had no brothers too. My grand pa died before i eat my first adult meal and in school most of my teachers were female. You can also attest what percentage of female lecturers are there in my department and my classmates too.What does your 3yrs in pshycology lecture room tells you then? What else do you expect? i can't help it

i am just being my self wifey-to be!

yours truly

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