Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Former minister duped...Yet again!

It seems former minister and President Kibaki’s strongest ally in central province is in for a ride yet again. For close to a month or two now the immediate former Kieni legislator has been going round the vast Nyeri County seeking for approval of his candidature as the first Nyeri governor-a seat that has been likened to “presidency” on county level
On this particular day (11/7/2011), Dr Chris Murungaru was attending a women’s only-chama sort-meeting at Wood Park Inn hotel, Giakanja- a small town that informally serves as a by link between Municipality and Tetu constituencies. Mr. Murungaru then gave handouts of unknown sums only for men to hold him ransom at the last minute.
It was a case of Men’s rights being  violated and amid murmurs, Mr. Murungaru was asked to also provide handouts for men lest they incite fellow  ‘comrades’ and bar their women from voting him in.
Well, a certain man only identified as Marto (pseudonym for Martin) proved smarter than the rest of the men with his good orator skills and the well guided leadership camouflage. He managed to impress Dr Murungaru’s eyes as his potential right hand in the highly rated region. 
Marto who is rumoured to be from Mtaani (a popular kick-in for Nyeri’s Majengo), even claimed to be interested in the local councilor’s seat and when time for handouts came, Dr Murungaru didn’t wink his eye lids giving him an unknown amount of money to distribute to other men.
Marto, so convincingly reasoned with the men whether to hold a “cocktail” or instead share the monies amongst themselves. The men- eager for their share-opted for the latter and Marto went out to look for loose cash (money in smaller denominations) in order to distribute effectively. He is yet to return and the men has since left cursing Dr. Murungaru and vowing not to vote for him come 2012 general election.
Many would recall how he left the internal security docket pending investigations on the land cruisers procurement saga

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