Thursday, July 14, 2011

divine healing:Healing beyond treatment


            Despite varied religious views that the word populace testifies, one thing is certain, there is a constant factor that seems to pull strings together. Just like a general election in any republic, different religions have one thing in common, Faith.
            In Christianity, faith can be termed as hope for the unknown, unseen or that which is the spiritual realm. It’s through faith-aided by the Holy Spirit-that God communicate to brethrens. Its what enables fellowship between God and believers?
            A question then underlies as to the role of faith in other aspects of life. Take health as an example. A patient laying on the hospital bed or at home hoping for the best, a medical practitioner taking chances having faith that all is going to be well, a woman, and in spite of labour pains, expecting a bouncing baby boy or girl. They all believe that external forces independent from treatment being administered will heal, or make things possible for them.
            Among the conservatives and liberals in the medical world, there exist a gentleman’s agreement. That though treatment is within medical circumference, Healing is way beyond. Who them? Or what does heal?

            According to psalms 103:3 & Deuteronomy 32:39, there exist a God with ability to kill& make alive, to forgive sins, to wound and also to heal all your diseases. 1 peter 2:24 & Isaiah 53:5 illustrates how believers were/are healed  “..By the stripes..” on Jesus body
            This clearly illustrates that every sickness and diseases are an oppression/potion of the devil and how God is keen on “..Uprooting every plant that he has not planted” Mat 15:13.
            Some might argue that the word ‘healing’ in the bible is used in general sense but there are some cases too where it is used specifically. In general, it may touch issues on discomfort, prosperity, peace, sins, backsliding, despair e.t.c as it in the case of psalms 41:4, 147:3, Hosea 14:4, Jeremiah 3:22 e.t.c

            Specific cases include, God is able “to heal or your diseases” Psalms 103:3, and he promises to restore your health and heal all thy wounds Jeremiah 30:13.   Mathew 4:24(KJV) And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them.
            This attests of Jesus ability to heal with “treatment” conspicuously missing in these scriptures.        
            Nevertheless God has put in place conditions that are to met for one to get the potion of divine healing. There is Faith (James 2:1) that results from confessing your sins (Romans 10:9) and thus living by the spirit not by the flesh or in the ways of the world (Romans 8). Then the grace of the lord shines before us and he reigns in our lives (Romans 6:14). Paul advises “..Bodily exercises may profit a little but Godliness has a promise of good life now and thereafter.” 1 Timothy 4:8
            There is a clear indication in the word that Christians by hearing through their ears, seeing through their eyes and understanding via their hearts may pray(psalms 6:2) for healing (john 12:40, Isaiah 6:10). And thus god will deliver healing if at all they heed and pay attention to his word (proverbs 4:20-22,3:7-8,16:24,15:4,col 1:27, Jeremiah 17:14,Iichronicles 7:14,30:20, psalms 43:5..e.t.c.).
In Exodus 15:26, god promises to keep us away from any kind of diseases if at all we diligently and keep his commandments.
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Last Sunday, our pastor-who happens to be a doctor too-, amazed the whole congregation with his confessions. He said that he little expected his medication to heal his patients than his faith in God.


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