Sunday, April 24, 2011


A drop of water
When it falls in the ocean
It hopes to make impact
Though never felt
Satisfaction feels it
When it splashes a sensible diameter
A drop of water
When it falls into the sea
It yearns to command respect
Though never realized
When it bravely brims
Millions bow to its might
A drop of water
Always pray for trust
Like sea men only trust on it
But when critical moments call
You remember its worth
When it saves the “sinking” lorry
A drop of water
Its love never reciprocated
With endurance calling for ours
But frustrations and contempt we give back
It fathoms the unfathomable
When it executes our enemy
Emotional twists and shame prevails
A drop of water
Driven by great sense of humanity
Sometimes by we curse its stubbornness
We start doubting its integrity
It’s only after critical moments pass
That we realize its love for us

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