Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stand up Comedian

                                                                      Lady-Like                                              .
You, stand up comedian
Why do you want to kill?
Why do you want to commit murder?
Will you stand the hang man noose?
Stop cracking my ribs
I am pitying you
A wider handkerchief
You call it boob top
A longer one
You refer to it as ‘mini’ skirt
Uncomfortable ‘skin tights’
And those disproportional shorts
You call them…….ahahaha
Whom are you trying to impress?
It makes me laugh
When I see you
Exposing your fatty parts
Do you think wives have no fats?
Stoopy cleavage
Don’t they have breasts?
Mini…..No!, micro skirts
Don’t they have warm thighs?
Surely, stand up comedian
You’re talented
The other day, You
Almost choked me with laughter
When I had you chanting
‘I want to lead this nation’
I almost collapsed
When your adversaries said
She has a clean sheet record
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Placards drawn
As ‘beautiful’ as the president
Then I wondered
Is that real beauty
Phony perhaps, indecent
And trashy to some extent
Ha ha ha ha
You haven’t lost
Your sense of humour
Decency beautifies smartness, gains respect,
enhances style and portrays natural beauty

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