Monday, April 11, 2011

Ethnicity?, Ethnocentrism?

a certain man was fond of making funny jokes about kenya’s diversity of tribes. one day he could be heard talking of “our innershore” brothers, the next day our valley brothers, sometimes men and women from plateaus, highlands, lakeside, coastal and even arid people.
one statistical fact about the funnyman’s jokes, was his bias. he found amusement in the dirty things only. you could hear him talking about Luo’s love for sex and burial ceremonies, Masaai’s love for blood and meat, Kalenjin craving for war, Meru’s temper,Luyha’s fondness for ugali, chicken and sex, Kikuyu’s extraordinary greed for material things and so on. though he had built a career out this , his humour attracted mixed feelings from the subjects.
the royals and extremists hated him and his comics while the moderates loved him on equal measures.
on one unforgettable occasion he was summoned by the village elder for a number of reasons. the chief wanted to establish his bio data and also insisted he should apologize to the local community. the local people made a mistake to give his ‘light notes’ the seriousness they never deserved. he had claimed/or rather accused of claiming that women from the community of small men were so fond of maasai men athletic figures. this could have been forgiven had he not predicted a pre-death of the community as smaller men had also found refuge in their women. Nelson recalled wepkhulu’s jokes the other day after a chat with kamwaro and his sister Juliet.their discussion………..
to be continued tomorrow

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