Friday, April 1, 2011

The Burden of Hope

i was finally home after a tiresome day at the shamba, turning the soil upside down in preparation for the rainy season. As it had been in the past, it would be a season that would see each and every potion of land turning green-not sparing foot paths-, and of course faces will sprout up new smiles, babies will be born, women will melt the waist dancing, men will damage their already damaged throats-trying lead the choir-... and of course harvest at the end of the season. When I reflect back I see a sharp contrast of the coming fortunes. Barely a few months ago each an every ridge had been cornered by the drought. It was always in the middle of this contrasting fortunes that hope laid. you might wonder which hope but as life drags on the society breeds new characters out of this situations. while everything else is left to die an unassumable burden is laid upon the shoulders of hope. their ignorance notwithstanding, it often worries and at the same time confuses on whether ignorance is the way out from the burden on the slim shoulders or walk like the Gideon( soldier of God. And funny enough the breed hope, is always given a sustained rush of prize with no regret of opposing the same challenge that had been laid upon hope. The burning question is how this hope will hold itself in its quest for achievement with no one showing any sympathy for him. And always undermined are the virtues that console Mr. Right.

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