Sunday, April 24, 2011

adored melanin(for Robinson mukwana)

the mazes of life
that builds bad crazy idea
keenness cutting, killed knife
brain being temporal rear
and as we get near
often forget the rare
ignoring the virtues of life
taking away innocent lives
in absence ,adored melanin
God’s beauty potrayed
for your greed it wans’t layed
why maim an innocent soul?
of human not owl
why butcher a harmless heart?
tearing off God’s art
is your life so important
is you ego that Daring?
is your conscience so confused?
For you soul
stop kneating tears of an albino
nurturing sorrows for melanin less
stop welcoming curses from the melAnin less
please please i beg you
lest the little dog will laugh at you

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