Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Premier Raila Odinga should be Harrambe stars head coach

Why Premier Raila Odinga should be Harrambe stars head coach

It’s around 9.45 pm when arsenal forward scores his today’s brace to sign the dismissal letter of west ham boss unromantic avram grant. As I rise to shout a hurrah for our third and winning goal, my mind perform some brilliant brainstorming to remind me of our fan number one , the right honourable premier and the current mediator of ivory coast peace talks. Every time our good boys go to the pitch, some boyish excitement seizes me trying to imagine how our fun number one react each moment a less neutral action occurs. For instance, Van persie’s first goal, last week’s bar hits and many more.

As a result of our nation winning the heart of an economist, the higher education loans board also got the better of its part and our families got poorer. This explains why I couldn’t honour such a match pitying super harrambe stars and minnows super eagles but i had the honour to watch our fan number one from the comfort of my neighbour’s room.

Of course minnows Nigeria spoilt our party and our premier’s week and the following events got crazy ideas going in mind. Having been last born in our family, being left handed and a quick brainstormer, I couldn’t help the already threatening seizure of old fantasy of creativity associated with men and women of my lineage. And perhaps for fear of irresponsibleness I could only attribute my claim of being an autonomous thinker to the loads of baseless philosophy “philos-sophia’ pumped to my blessed brain by non other than DR Tom Namwambah ( not Ababu Namwambah please).

And for the love of soccer, the sport I’ve never been able to play, am well informed on all matters weighty or light that has been begrudging its success. The same ego that had put me in trouble earlier keeps nudging me in the bloody political arena.

This is how my newfound love for PM Raila Odinga comes to be that were it not for my thirst and greed for softer meat I could have settled on more matured aspects of life. And as an information student, I couldn’t resist temptation to know more about my newfound love.

In the existing set up of curriculum activities, conclusions make a great deal of any paperwork that is to be presented. And for fear of biased conclusions as I have always felled to temptations, my old and well guarded reservations duly advised me to observe a portfolio balance this time round

This is how I come to the conclusion that my new found love could make a copy and paste of Jose mourinho and every other best coach in any sport you could think of, but could give a few pointers on a high school captain.

Based on the simple research that I borrowed from my mind………………………


…………to be continued.

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