Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my will

whose wisdom won war
burning unknown joy
having folded his precious tobacco
with the paper will written
i have no  will for my son and daughter
i have no will for my family
i have no will for my friends
i have got will for multitudes of the world
i have got will for men and women
will that speaks not of myself
but natural words of my mouth
i have got bundles of words
words that begrudges for not digesting them
words that mocks your foolishness
words that correct your way
words that provokes your anger
and blinds at your diligence
words that contradicts your principles
failing to appreciate your bribery
and offers promise on condition
my will is an undesirable element
am only a mere channel
am only a servant of lord
only a servant to men and women
the world fears appreciating stupidity
hating the channel that conveys
cursing my bungalow of words
words of prosperity to the world
promises of eternity and joy
saving souls and spirits
words that take our burdens

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