Thursday, March 24, 2011


As I penned this letter the dazzling thoughts and threats issued by our local cleric threatened to spin off my mind from its orbit. They claim that love conquers all but I never believed this till I was proven wrong

Hi my lovely pal. Are you still going on with your studies? Are you okay and healthy? Back here were fine. Our youth fellowship has grown tremendously in number, Beth has since been married to kipyego. Mwenda’s wedding is underway and Maggie’s courtship has been announced.
Guyz here are trying hard to mend the potholes left on their faith
Winnie has been querying me about you so much. While chatting she has been praising my ability to seduce even saints-you-by my charming tongue. Alarmingly she had even once sought the said security from me but I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.
While chatting our minds once went wild and thought of match-mixing she once said that me and you can make great couples but……………
Anyway am missing you here my friend. The devil that once possessed me has sometimes left me longing for the escapades that we once shared with you
The purpose of jotting down this letter is to apologize to you, repent, seek forgiveness, reconcile and set up platonic friendship based on mutual respect. Its true I wronged you by flattering you my dear friend. What I said to you was not what I meant. It is sad that I never meant to love you but only attracted to. I was only attracted by you fine and perfect feminal curves and you gave in easily. I am sorry my dear friend
You never seemed to realize that I only used flattering but touching words when I wanted you at my bed.
I only treated you well because the holy book requires so. When I realized that our ‘love was merely seasonal I wanted to break the jinx but I had no moral fibber to do so. You portrayed the weakest part of a lady
My sexual urge surpassed the mutual respect we had been advised by our cleric. Also you easily accepted my cheap nothings without a second thought you might have loved me yes, but I was only interested with what was between your legs. Forgive me for this and please accept reconciliation

Perhaps winnie was right but its too early to conclude on anything. Although you loved me as your spouse and prepared for our life together in future my case was different darling. I love, adore and care for you as a friend but only attracted to you sexually.
Undoubtedly your natural appeal is undisputable and striking, your beauty is incomparable and your heart is kind. But am afraid that continuing will only result to more intimate escapades prompting us to call it quits for now
I have no doubt that soon you’ll get a good man for you or maybe God may do his wonders and rekindle our affair at the right time later.

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