Thursday, September 23, 2010

Undivided love

The scaring scare crows

In our lives always bring lust

Being characterized by rows

World wimps wailing unjust

We often tend to forget

We have somewhere we can get

Undivided love so पुरे

Somewhere in the hustles of life

A poacher comes, in sheath is his knife

Tenderly we go kind

Forgetting the lesson of caution

And tears us to shreds of no kind

And often we wakes up to the notion

Aah! gone…….with pure love

Shreds tend to attract

Fate forces to subtract

But with last kick of a lion

Just as an atom of neon

Somehow we manage to pull things together

And even perhaps snatch

Some……undivided love

We know it wasn’t his wish

Just being in the devils reach

Maybe it couldn’t have gone that way

Had we followed his lay

O lord dear God

For me to get this, I need you nod

A nod for undivided love, so pure.

Love on its true form doesn’t depend on things but

plain truth no matter how painful it is

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